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What Products Can You Sell On Ecommerce Marketplaces?

Well, you can sell products from these categories: Beauty, Automotive, Baby Products, Books, Digital Accessories, Luggage Items, mobile phones, Groceries, musical instruments, watches, toys, tablets, computers and laptops, handbags, softwares. Remember that there are few categories which are limited and need approval before you sell them on your Ecommerce store.

What Do You Mean By Sell On Amazon?

Selling on amazon is nothing but a program that authorizes you to list your brand’s product on Amazon marketplace and sell it on Amazon.

What Details Do You Require To Register As A Seller On Amazon & Other Ecommerce Marketplaces India?

You’ll need the following details:

  1. Your contact details – phone number & email id.
  2. Your business information.
  3. A brief description about your business.
  4. Tax registration information, i.e. GST & PAN details.
How Does Amazon Sell Work?

Selling on Amazon is not difficult. Firstly, you’ll need to list your products on Amazon. The customer would then go through all the pictures and details of the product and make a purchase. You’ll then get a notification via email or message regarding the shipment of the product. Now, you’ll be delivering the product to the customer and confirming the shipment that automatically let’s Amazon fulfill the order via Amazon FBA service. Now, amazon is going to deposit the money to your bank account after deduction of it’s fees.

How to list your products on Amazon India?


You can utilize the Amazon Web interface for listing your products on Amazon. You can also use excel inventory files to list more than one items. The information and process needed at the listing time will depend on whether the items are already in the Amazon catalogue or not. Once you’re done with the registration process, you’ll be guided on the steps to list your items on Amazon. Please note that it is important to have UPC, ISBN and EAN bar codes to list the items.

How to Manage Orders On Amazon Marketplace?

You can go through the product orders and can manage it through the ‘manage order’ inside the Amazon seller central. In case you’re using fulfilment by Amazon service for your products, then the orders will be fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. In case you want to deliver the items on your own, then you’ll be required to ship and pack the items to the customers and then confirm about the shipment through your manage order seller central.

Do You Get Protection Against Fraud?

Yes, Amazon supports you to protect against fraud orders that are placed on your items

How To Use The Reward Balance?

The reward balance can be utilized in the following ways:

  1. Cash rewards
  2. Amazon gift cards
  3. Free account boost, free product images, etc.
Do the Rewards expire after few days?

No, they don’t. The rewards once earned by the seller are never going to expire.

Can You sell Products from Amazon India Marketplace outside India?

No, you cannot! You can only sell products within India via Amazon India marketplace. If you want to sell products abroad, you need to do that via the Amazon Global selling program.

Is it possible to sell on Amazon India Marketplace if you don’t have your own website?


Yes, it’s possible. Because, you don’t need to possess a website to be able to sell on Amazon India Marketplace. As soon as you are done with the registration, you’ll have access to the amazon seller central platform through which you can list your products for sale on Amazon India Marketplace.

When & How do I get paid from Amazon?

Amazon disburses the payment directly to your bank account once every week. You’ll then be eligible to get paid for the order, one week after the order is shipped & confirmed.

What are the charges for selling on Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon would charge you once you receive an order from a customer. Note that listing products on Amazon is free.

Can customers leave feedback on the products they purchase?

Yes, they can give reviews after they are done with the purchasing and the product has been shipped. Maintaining great rankings on the Amazon marketplace is very important to let people know that you’re a trustworthy seller. Your ratings would appear on the listing page, for the customers to see and trust your brand.

Do You Require A GST number on Amazon India Marketplace?

Yes, you need a GST number. You’ll require the GST number at the time of registration.

Where Can You Get Amazon branded marketplace packaging materials?

You can get branded Amazon packaging material from itself. You just need to select the proper packaging material as per the weight and size of the product you want to sell.

What Is Amazon Seller Rewards Program?

Well, it is a seller loyalty program where the portal offers opportunities to the registered sellers to get rewards by taking part in the reward earning tasks.

Are there any charges to register in the Amazon seller program?

No, there are no charges for subscribing to this program.

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