11 reasons why your buy box is missing on Amazon

reasons buy box is missing

Do you know that the majority of Amazon sales is coming from the Buy box. Well, the buy box is the section on the right of your product’s page having an add-to-cart option. But boy is a vital source of sales for both your mobile and desktop devices. That’s the reason why you should ensure that the offer has been featured in the buy box.

 Reasons for a Missing Buy Box

        You’re a Third Party (3P) Seller

 In the first 30 days after signing up as an Amazon seller, the majority of sellers first encounter a missing Buy Box. For the first 30 days, Amazon tests you to ensure that you can reliably meet all of its delivery standards of the products (which means no complications related to late shipments, order cancellations, or confirmed shipments).

       The sales volume of your products is low

 In addition to the absence of performance statistics, like in the previous situation, Amazon might also remove your product’s buy box from your product listing page if it has a decreased sales volume. This can further be resolved by ensuring that your product has been rated at a decent rate.

        Your product is inexpensive

 Amazon has several servers that trawl competitive websites in quest of lower costs. If the servers identify identical goods on another website for a lower price, then Amazon is likely to suppress the Buy Box for your products on Amazon.

        Your price is higher than MSRP

 If any of the third party sellers provides a product at a higher price, generally something which is 5% higher than the listing price that Amazon offers, then the buy box can be suppressed by Amazon for your products.

        Your product’s selection has not been procured by 1P

 On some of the most top-selling items that Amazon 1P has recently sold, we have seen instances where Amazon will eliminate the Buy Box for all vendors until Amazon 1P is allowed to restock the product.

        The product’s authenticity is being reviewed

 Rather than trying to pull a product, Amazon will occasionally restrict the Buy Box while it investigates integrity complaints from customers, such as those about mislabeled fashion clothing.

        Your seller rating has decreased

 When a seller on a listing has poor performance and its trailing 30-day seller ratings fall below 90%, that seller frequently loses Buy Box eligibility. If that seller is the only offer on the listing, the listing will lose its Buy Box as well.

        Your listed product has not been activated

 For some reason, fresh listings are not always initiated with a Buy Box, even if the seller and offer are both eligible. We’ve worked with brands that have launched a product on Amazon that is being sold by other sellers who would otherwise be eligible for the Buy Box, but the product never receives the Buy Box.

        You’ve a broken listing

Even after considering all of the above scenarios, there may be times when none of them apply, and the problem is merely that Amazon’s newly listed application isn’t functioning as it should.

        Your product’s price has been cut

 If your product was valued lower for a short term selling or publicity and then returned to its normal price, Amazon’s computer controlled algorithm may mistakenly determine that the current price is uncompetitive based on that pricing history. This is more likely if you are the sole seller of an item. If you run a sale on your item for a short period of time, then return it to its original price, the sale price establishes a precedent that causes you to lose the Buy Box.

        A number of other factors

 When it pertains to physical products, strange things happen from time to time. A missing buy box, for example, could be caused by a variety of factors.

 Final Conclusion

 This was all about some of the main reasons why a bug box might be missing from your Amazon Portal. Let us know if this article answered all your queries, in the comments section below. 


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