How to become an online seller in india

Whether you want to start off with a profitable business or you want to become your own boss, becoming an Amazon seller is a lucrative opportunity. Becoming an online seller at Amazon is a magical money making technique. To be successful, it takes a particular budget, hard work and a lot of research work along with some dedication. In reality, a number of individuals who start off with their Amazon seller journey quit as they think they don’t have a chance to succeed due to a large competition. However, if you work hard with sheer dedication, you can generate huge profits while also building a successful business career with Amazon seller services in Jaipur. Tthis blog will inform you on how to become an Amazon seller step-by-step.

Steps to Become an Amazon Seller


  • Find a Product to Sell on Amazon

The first step to become an Amazon seller is to determine what you are going to sell on Amazon. For this, you need to conduct research. Make sure to gather enough data for making a product choice while determining whether that product will be successful for your business or not. Finding great business  opportunities majorly depends upon the success of the product being selected. You will need to thoroughly research about the products along with its competition and keywords.

  • Open an Amazon Account

The next step is to open an Amazon Seller Central account which is required for your online business on Amazon. This portal is where you will add product listings while managing your inventory, view your business reports and much more. For this, you have to sign up in the Amazon account with a valid email address while making sure that you have all the information that you require for making the process smoother. You will need a business name and address, telephone number, credit card or bank information and tax information.

  • Choosing a Fulfilment method

The next and an important step is select a fulfilment method for your products. You’ll get two options such as:

  1. FBA:

    This is one of the best methods. Here, you will send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centre to be stored and then Amazon will pick and ship your products to the customer. This is a very convenient model. However, note that this model requires additional fees.

  2. FBM:

    In this method, you list your products on Amazon while handling all the storage and order aspects.

  • Creation of an Amazon Listing


Now, you need to login to your seller central account and create a product listing which is the page where the customers will learn about your products and purchase them. A product listing is an important opportunity to show and inform your customers about your product and why they should buy it.

  • Find a Manufacturer

It’s now time to research for a good manufacturer and decide which is the most viable for your business. Make sure to get a manufacturer who can supply bulk orders of your product.

  • Order & Ship Your Product


In this step it is recommended to order a bulk stock for at least two months inventory so that you can cover your lead time. Moreover, you will also get multiple payment options as you’ll be ordering from an overseas supplier.

  • Optimise Your Listing

This is a vital step where you need to ensure that your listing reaches several customers who are seeking your products. Make sure to optimize your listing by selecting the most relevant keywords while creating a list that earns a higher traffic and ranking.

  • Start Driving Sales


This is it. You are now an official Amazon Seller. Now you can commence with your online business.

Final Conclusion

These were all the steps you need to follow for commencing with Amazon seller services in Jaipur. Let us know how you liked this article. list your Blog here and boost Activ Directory



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